Kadence Theme Free vs Pro: Do you need the premium version? 

Kadence Theme Free vs Pro

Kadence theme free vs pro is an evaluation for different users whether they need to purchase it or not. This lightweight & resourceful WordPress theme provides enough design elements in the free version. On the other hand, the pro version brings more exclusive features and design opportunities. 

However, it’s a bit complicated to understand the differences and design opportunities both versions offer. No worries, we will review both versions in detail in the easiest way. Sit tight, the content will be an ultimate guide.     

Before comparing the Kadence free and pro, it’s important to learn about their ecosystem first. Overviews of both the versions will illustrate Kadence before versus.

Kadence free overview

The Kadence theme free version is available in the WordPress repository to install. Plus, Kadence has 2 more free plugins that are well integrated with the free theme, named Kadence Blocks & Starter Templates.

Kadence pro overview

On the other hand, Kadence pro brings premium plugins for the Theme, Blocks, and Starter Templates. In addition, you will have Kadence Custom Fonts and Conversion extensions with bundles package.

Kadence Theme Free VS Pro: Scoring

Free Version

Overall – 4.2

Feature – 4

Ease Of Use – 5

Performance – 4.8

Support – 3.5

Pro Version

Overall – 4.6

Features- 5

Ease Of Use – 4

Performance – 5

Support – 4.5

Kadence Theme Free VS Pro: Quick Differences

Some mentionable features, custom features, custom blocks, etc., are common in free and pro. But, there are more that come with the pro version only. So, we will also talk about them afterward.

Now, let’s look at the “Kadence theme free vs pro” quick differences. 

Blocks Number 2239+
Header Customization FreePro
Header Items519
Conditional HeadersNoYes
Custom Header Scripts AreaNoYes
Ultimate Menu/Mega MenuNoYes
Header BuilderYesYes
Global Page HeaderYesYes
Transparent HeaderYesYes
Sticky HeaderYesYes
Header Shrink EffectYesYes
Mobile HeadersYesYes
Menu DropdownYesYes
Typography & ColorYesYes
Footer Customization FreePro
Custom Footer Scripts AreaNoYes
Footer Items99
Footer BuilderYesYes
Typography & ColorYesYes
Blog PostFreePro
Carousel LayoutNoYes
Masonry LayoutNoYes
Excerpt CustomizationNoYes
Grid LayoutYesYes
Global Design Options  FreePro
Dark Mode Color PaletteNoYes
Custom 404 PageNoYes
Infinite Scroll for Archive PageNoYes
Hooked Element (Shortcode)NoYes
Colors PaletteYesYes
Scroll to Top Button YesYes
WooCommerce FeaturesFreePro
Sticky Add to CartNoYes
Ajax Add to CartNoYes
Side Cart Open on Add to CartNoYes
Add to Cart on Header YesYes
Multiple Product Gallery Layouts YesYes
Add Multiple Product Images YesYes
Built-in Third-party Plugin Support   FreePro
Tutor LMSLimitedYes
Starter Templates  FreePro

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Kadence Theme Free VS Pro: Common Features

Kadence free Theme, Blocks, and Starter Templates brings a good number of design opportunities. These features are also available with the Pro version, so they are common in both. So, let’s have a look at the features you get in both versions. 

Header & Footer Builder

The Header & Footer Builder of Kadence has necessary widgets and elements to build enhanced menu navigation. You may not require more options for standard header and footer building.

Header & Footer Builder in Kadence theme

Color, Button, Typography

Website global customization for color, button, and typography is quite good with Kadence. Also, you can define the global font style & type, color specification, button styling, etc. and more.

Site Layout

The Site Layout lets you present archive pages, posts, and pages under different types of layouts in both versions. You will have 5 layouts styles by default. They are;

  1. Normal
  2. Narrow
  3. Full Width
  4. Left Sidebar
  5. Right Sidebar
Kadence theme site layouts


The Breadcrumbs feature shows page’s or post’s location and works like a secondary navigation. Users can easily find which location they are at now.

Breadcrumbs feature in Kadence theme

Scroll To Top

The Scroll To Top button is used to get back to the top of the page with one click from anywhere on that page. Kadence gives options to define the button icon size, alignment, visibility to devices, and more design opportunities.

Kadence free Scroll-To-Top button

Flush Local Font Files

Kadence gives the option to add Google fonts locally. To use them, it could be necessary to clear the kadence local font cache. So, you can use the Flush Local Font Files button to clear the cache instantly.

Kadence Flush Local Font Files


You may need to use the same theme customization for several websites with Kadence. The Import/Export feature brings ease to that. So, configure the theme once, export, and use that for other websites.

Kadence Theme Free VS Pro: Why to jump for the premium version?

Up until now, we have been through the comparison of Kadence theme free vs pro and the common features. But, there are enough exclusive features that make the premium version stand out. And, that demands a brief we are covering below.

Kadence Blocks

You have a total of 39+ blocks with Kadence pro including 22 free blocks. The design possibilities are limitless with them.

Here’s the blocks list,

Global Colors
Header Layout
Page Layout
Footer Layout
Row Layout
Advanced Gallery
Advanced Button
Lottie Animations
Advanced Text
Info Box
Icon List
Table of Contents
Header Addons
Conditional Headers
Ultimate Menu
Header/Footer Scripts
Hooked Elements
WooCommerce Addons
Infinite Scroll
Color Palette Switch (Dark Mode)
Local Gravatars
Archive Custom Settings
Image Overlay
Split Content
Post Grid/Carousel
Product Carousel
Video Popup
Portfolio Grid/Carousel

We are not discussing every block from the list but some important ones need elaboration we are going to discuss below.

Header Addons

Using the pro Header Addons you will have additional 11 design elements over 8 free elements for header building and customization. Now, you can add contact details, user account login button, add to cart button, ajax etc.

Header Addons for Kadence pro

Conditional Header

With the Conditional Header block you can create a menu, customize that, and show that on a specific page. Also, you can specify expiry period if you do not need that after a certain time.

Kadence pro Conditional Header

Hooked Element

Hooked Element is quite an amazing feature that is available with Kadence pro only. Design a section or template then place it anywhere in the website using element settings or short codes. Also, you can set expiry date to define how long the section will show there.

Kadence Hooked Elements feature


Kadence Carousel block allows you to illustrate posts, products, portfolios, etc. using sliders. View post new to old or in reverse, no. of items to show, how to slide, and a lot more customization to go with.

Mega Menu

The purpose of the Mega Menu is to make website navigation easier. It allows you to show a large number of drop-down submenus under the main menu with an organized look. Also, you can design all the submenus using icons and images. Kadence calls it the Ultimate Menu.

Local Gravatars

Gravatars are Globally Recognized Avatars. Kadence provides Local Gravaters for users to choose any of them for their profile picture.

Popup Builder

Kadence Popup Builder allows you to create a stylish Pop-up for promotion, lead-generation, and inform about upcoming events etc. Kadence Full Bundle has Kadence Conversion addon that allows you create lightweight popups for websites.

Advanced Slider

Do more with Kadence Advanced Slider with lightweight design and animations. You can create functional sliders using image, text, button, etc., and add an overlay.

Advanced Gallery

Present your images under various layouts such as grid, masonry, carousel, etc. using the Advanced Gallery block. Also, you can use conditional display, add link, add image filter, etc. for images.

Kadence Advanced Gallery

Countdown Timer

The Countdown Timer block lets you highlight any upcoming event, product or anything mentioning the remaining period. This is an excitement you can create to an audience that something new or special is coming up or is ending soon.

Custom 404 Page

Create your 404 page with Kadence Pro. Design as you like using images, buttons, text, etc. and add conditions and links as required.

Starter Templates Pro 

Kadence Starter Template Pro has a total of 83+ starter templates in the pack, 70+ for Gutenberg and 13+ for Elementor. Some of the starter templates require a few plugins to be installed separately such as LearnDash, LifterLMS, TutorLMS, etc.

WooCommerce Shop Kit 

Kadence pro has a WooCommerce extension named the WooCommerce Shop Kit comes with Full-Bundle plan. You can create engaging product presentations using its features and customization facilities. The features are;

  • Product layout customization
  • Advanced Gallery highlights
  • Product size, color, etc. mentioning
  • Product review section
  • Global tab customization
  • Product sizing chart view
  • Product brand highlights
  • Affiliate product customization
  • Product price arrangement
  • Product specification in detail

More customization comes with the checkout page such as custom checkout fields, category description, email customizer, etc.

Custom Fonts

You can add more fonts if you need using the Kadence pro Custom Fonts plugin. Just install the plugin and you will find options to do that.


A very few pricing plans that Kadence offers. The variations between them are concerning plugins, support, update, and cost.

SubjectLifetime Full BundleFul BundleEssential PackFree
Theme ProYesYesYesFree
Blocks ProYesYesYesFree
Starter Templates ProYesYesYesFree
Custom Fonts ProYesYesYesNo
All Pro PluginYesYesNoNo
All Future ProductsYesYesNoNo
SupportLifetime1 Year1 YearLimited
UpdateLifetime1 Year1 YearNo
Money Back Guarantee30 Days30 Days30 DaysN/A
Website LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Wrap Up

In the end, it is clear that Kadence Pro has remarkably advanced features to differentiate it from the free version. Of course the free version has quite a handful of design elements for beginners, bloggers, or small business owners. And, when it comes to creating websites with enhanced design and structure, you should go with the pro. 

So, Kadence pro is worth every cent you spend without any doubt. Leave your precious comment below on which version you prefer for building a website. 


Is the Kadence theme free?

Kadence theme is free and you can find it in the WordPress repository. But, it also has the pro version with several plugins that offer extensive design opportunities.

Does the Kadence free version have a sticky menu?

Yes, the Kadence free version has a sticky menu. Go to Theme Customizer>Header and you will have the option at the lower area.

Does the Kadence free version have a scroll-to-top button?

Yes, the Kadence free version has a scroll-to-top button. Go to Theme Customizer>General and click on the Scroll-To-Top to use the feature.

Is the Kadence theme fast?

Yes, Kadence’s theme is undoubtedly fast. But remember, the more design elements you use and more pages you add, the loading speed will hamper as a common effect.

Where is the font set in the Kadence theme?

The font set is in the Typography customization. Go to Theme Customizer>Colors & Fonts>Typography and you will have font selection, sizing, styling, etc. from there.

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