Neve theme free vs pro: Why go for the pro version?

Neve theme free vs pro

Neve is a super-fast and highly customized theme in the WordPress industry to enhance your creative webpage design. And, that comes in Free & Pro versions to try or purchase as you need. Both versions have gained enormous popularity by serving many to make their site stand out. You can do all the basic things with the free version of the Neve theme. However, the Neve Pro offers extra features to explore more creativity while designing your desired page. 

It’s up to you to make an ultimate decision of whether you will use the Pro or free version of this theme. But to make the best decision, we will assist you by giving a detailed breakdown of Neve theme free vs pro features.

Who is the Neve theme for?

Neve is a perfect multipurpose theme to make websites for any niche. Especially a beginner who hasn’t in-depth knowledge of web design can comfortably make a website with its starter sites. However, Neve comes with easy installation and customization features that release pain for newcomers.

Neve Theme Free vs Pro: A Quick Comparison

For all of your basic needs, the free version of Neve can be a go-to theme. That being said, extra customizations of Neve Pro bring more enthusiasm while designing sleek and dynamic websites. So, it’s time to get a comprehensive idea about the differences between the Neve theme free vs pro features based on B categories.

Demo LayoutsNeve Theme Free Neve Theme Pro
Starter Sites50+400+
Importe Page TemplateFor Demos OnlyFor Any Starter Site
Saving Templates in Library NoYes
Loading Templates From LibraryNoYes
Importing Page from GutenbergYesYes
Header Booster 
Customize Header Text and BackgroundYesYes
Header PresetsYesYes
Sticky header NoYes
Transparent header NoYes
Color Palette Switch in Header AreaYesYes
Divider NoUp to two
Social Icons component NoYes
Header Custom LayoutNoYes
Contact component NoYes
Breadcrumbs component NoYes
Wish List component NoYes
Button componentJust oneUp to three
HTML componentJust oneUp to three
Search Form componentJust oneTwo
Primary Menu componentJust oneTwo
Logo & Site Identity componentJust oneTwo
Search & Cart iconsYesYes
Block Editor
Business HoursNoYes
Review Comparison Table NoYes
WooCommerce Product ComparisonNoYes
Add to Cart Button NoYes
Conditional Loading Feature NoYes
Import and sync review data from Woo products feature NoYes
Page Footer Booster
Footer Custom LayoutNoYes
Widgets Footer Component4 widgets4 widgets
Copyright Footer ComponentYesYes
Social Icons ComponentNoYes
Payment Icons ComponentNoYes
Footer MenuYesYes
Divider NoUp to two
Blog Page  
Available Layout For Blog Page33
Blog page paginationYesYes
Advanced Blog Post OrderingNoYes
Custom Meta SeparatorNoYes
Estimated Reading TimeNoYes
Display the Author AvatarYesYes
Customize Author AvatarNoYes
Customize Read More ButtonNoYes
Single Post Page
Show/Hide/Reorder items within the pageYesYes
Posts NavigationYesYes
Header LayoutYesYes
Sharing IconsNoYes
Author BiographyNoYes
Related PostsNoYes
Customize Comment SectionsNoYes

Reasons to Pick Neve Pro Over Free Version

With Neve Pro, you will have many premium starter sites and extra design elements to customize the website in your preferred way. Moreover, you get access to tons of spectacular add-ons as well as boosters to build a fast and stunning website. We have outlined all the premium features that inspire you to choose the Neve theme pro version.

Starter Sites

Neve paid version offers 400+ demo starter sites. These sites are compatible with builders like Gutenberg, Brizy, Elementor, Beaver, Divi, and Thrive. Neve Pro is designed to import the page template for any starter site. You can also save a page as a template in the library and use it later. 

Neve theme demo starter sites
Starter Sites

Header & Footer Booster

Neve Pro header booster brings a large number of exclusive features compared to the free version. The header sticky, scrolling, and transparent options are more enjoyable, among others. In addition, you get the divider, social icons, and contact elements to place in the menu. Finally, style the header with various custom layouts in a while.        

On the other hand, Neve Pro comes with various footer layout customization elements, including social icons and payment methods. Also, you will have up to two dividers for separating different footer components. The availability of these features in the footer booster makes the Neve theme pro more overwhelming that you couldn’t get in the free version.

Neve Header & Footer Booster
Header & Footer Booster

Block Editor

The Block Editor has several Gutenberg blocks that can give you real fun. For instance, Business hours, Review, WooCommerce product comparison table, Add-to-cart button, etc that helps customize quickly.

Blog Layout Pro

With advanced blog post ordering, you can change the default publishing orders from ascending to descending or vice-versa. Moreover, a custom separator makes the site look more organized by separating author name, publishing date, the number of comments, etc. Furthermore, you can style the blog page by adding estimated reading time, author avatar & read more buttons.

Neve Blog Layout Pro
Blog Layout Pro

Single Page Layout Pro

The single post page contains some default sharing icons to share the latest post through email or social media. You can also categorize the related post based on section title, number, and length. Moreover, you can customize the comment and author biography sections.

Custom Layouts

Custom Layouts bring an easy working experience by customizing headers, footers, and other sections with the default editor or builder page. Moreover, you can use a custom layout instead of defaults. Furthermore, creating 404 Page and custom PWA’s templates are easy with Neve Pro.

Elementor Booster 

The homepage layout gets designed uniquely and comprehensively with Elementor Booster widgets such as Flip Card, Share Button, and Content Switcher widgets. Moreover, with impressive animations created with Elementor widgets, you can ignite the site display. Typed headline widgets and Progress Circle widgets are also beneficial for making an interactive display. Overall, you will get other effective widgets to apply more styling options to the site.

Neve Elementor Booster
Elementor Booster

WooCommerce Booster 

For your online store, WooCommerce Boosters like Numeric pagination, layout toggle, quick view button, and more to assist you in building a robust and engaging eCommerce business store. Furthermore, to comprehend a customer-friendly site, it has features such as a video section, two distinct image galleries, an image slider, and so on. Also, WooCommerce booster offers multiple features for check-out and other pages which give more freedom to design an eCommerce store.

If it’s your first eCommerce website and don’t know how to add terms & condition, read our article on adding WooCommerce terms and condition for checkout page to get started.

Neve WooCommerce Booster
WooCommerce Booster

White Label

Neve Pro allows you to make your site more personalized by using your brand name instead of the name of the theme and plugin. Moreover, you can also hide the license field, notices, and Strater Sites Library. 

Lifter LMS

Neve Pro is compatible with Learn Dash, one of the most popular WordPress LMS. It offers more customization options in LearnDash for your eLearning websites. You can customize the catalogue page, membership page, and primary color of Lifter LMS.

Scroll to Top

Neve Pro is designed with a helpful Scroll to Top button, which you can add at the bottom of the page. Furthermore, the customization of the color, size, border-radius, and position for the Scroll to Top button is also available.


Give faster web-experience to mobile users with Neve theme. It comes with a built-in AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) feature to decrease the loading time and give spontaneous experience. Along with supporting Neve’s AMP paired mode, it has the option to remove it. Further you can also disable Neve’s AMP support. 

Active Installation 

More than 300k sites are actively running with the Neve theme. So, you can joyfully join this giant group of happy customers. 

Performance Module    

To prevent unnecessary WordPress default core loads, you can remove emoji scripts with the performance module of Neve Pro. Moreover, with a small size HTTP request you can remove the embedded scripts through this module. You can also use local server hosted Google Fonts to improve page speed. Further, by enabling the lazy load feature, you can display content while scrolling the webpage.


Neve Pro has dedicated support a click away from you. Therefore, you get a quick solution to any issues. Moreover, you can see a huge applause for the communicative competence of the assistant team among the Neve premium users.

Best Plan for You

Since the premium plan of Neve comes with three different options: Personal, Business, and Agency. All plans are well-worth of their cost. The Business plan has WooCommerce boosters, including 110+ premium starter templates for quick designs. However, the Agency pack of the Neve theme comes with unlimited site usage and access to the Neve Cloud. So, you have everything required for the business. 

So, it’s up to you to get the right plan for yourself. For example, if you are a blogger, eCommerce entrepreneur, or small business owner, the Business plan would be optimum for you. On the other hand, if your company is like a giant online enterprise or an agency with versatile clients, you should go for an Agency plan.

Neve theme pricing plan
Neve Pricing Plan

Alternative of Neve Theme

Astra theme might be an idle pick to count over the Neve theme and has free and premium versions similar to the Neve theme. Read our article to know further about the features and possibilities of Astra both versions.

Final verdict

Neve is a mobile responsive and fast loading WordPress theme created with Vanilla Javascript. Therefore, it can be an intelligent choice to build a website with a stunning look. Besides, if you go for the premium version, it comes with immense customizing opportunities to give relief to create remarkable designs. 

So, you got comprehensive information on Neve theme free vs pro; now the decision is yours to find out which So, you got comprehensive information on Neve theme free vs pro; now the decision is yours to find out which version suits you the most. To conclude, let us know if you made up your mind to use the Neve pro over free and the reasons behind that.


Does Neve theme work with WooCommerce?

Yes, the Neve theme comes with compelling WooCommerce features and ready-made starter sites for the online shop to boost your sales and conversions. 

What is the best alternative to the Neve theme?

There are thousands of multipurpose WordPress themes available today that can be used as an alternative to the Neve theme. Among them, the Divi & Enfold are considered the most compatible multipurpose themes. However, you can read our blog comparing the Divi and Enfold theme and pick the right one.   

Does Neve theme have a child theme?

The Neve theme does not have any child theme, but you can easily create one to take further action.

Is the Neve theme good for SEO?

The super fast Neve theme comes with a clean, SEO-optimized source code to give the site a great result in the search engine. 

Is the Neve theme mobile-friendly?

The Neve theme is mobile responsive and compatible with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Therefore, there will be a pleasing look for mobile users. 

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