Elementor vs Beaver Builder: Which one is best for you?

Elementor vs Beaver Builder

Elementor and Beaver Builder are both WordPress page builder plugins with good reputations. But, shouldn’t you compare them before making a buying decision? Of course, you should. So, we bring you Elementor vs Beaver Builder, a true evaluation to bring inner things side-by-side.

It will be a thorough comparison, including similarities and dissimilarities of both builders. So, sit tight cause it will be a bumpy ride!

First, let’s get to know both builders.

What is the Elementor Page builder?

“By Web Creators For Web Creators” is the slogan of Elementor, a WordPress page builder. Yoni Luksenberg & Ariel Klikstein founded Elementor in 2016, adding lots of website-building tools and a visual editor. This front-row builder has over 10 million active installs by web designers, developers, marketers, agencies, and more. No coding knowledge is required but, Custom CSS gives extra space for developers. Also, it has a free version with sufficient design possibilities for building standard websites.

What is the Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder is another famous WordPress page builder with front-end WYSIWYG visual building. Launched in 2014, the builder plugin has great fame among developers and users simultaneously. It is schematic, sleek, and flexible, with a large number of design elements. Custom CSS feature is available but not mandatory to use. The free version has limits with features and design elements but building basic websites are possible.

Elementor VS Beaver Builder: A Quick Comparison

Let’s have a quick difference between Elementor and Beaver Builder here!

Modules/Widgets100+ Widgets33+ Modules
Templates100+ Full website kits, 156+ single page templates29+ for single Landing pages and 38+ for Content pages
Theme BuilderBuilt-inNeed Themer Addon or get the Ultimate plan
Popup BuilderBuilt-inNeed 3rd-party plugin
Premade Blocks or Section Layout394+ blocksNone
Inline Text EditingYesNo
Language Support5919
Rating 4.7 out of 5 at wordpress.org4.8 out of 5 at wordpress.org
ThemeHello ThemeBeaver Builder Theme
Active Installation5M+200K+
Starting Price$99/year$49/year

Elementor VS Beaver Builder: Common Features

Elementor and Beaver Builder are both amazing page builders for WordPress. They are similar in some features and different in many. So, let’s find out the common features of both builders.

  • The user interface is similar in both the builder plugins. Adding or arranging rows & columns are almost the same except for the design element sidebar positioning.
  • Both the builder plugins work just fine with any websites and themes compatible with WordPress.
  • Premade templates come with both plugins for building websites almost instantly. Further customization is also available on the templates.
  • No coding skill is mandatory to use any of the builder plugins we are referring to. Any user, even a beginner, can build websites easily with them.
  • Elementor and Beaver Builder plugins both have clean codes for any developer to understand and modify them.
  • Both builders are highly responsive to all devices (Desktops, Tabs, and Mobiles).

Elementor VS Beaver Builder: Special Features 

Except for the common features, both builders have some special ones. Well, they are not much but still make some remarkable points you should know about.

Elementor Special Features

Let’s look at the list of special features of the Elementor Builder. 

Animated Headline: Bored watching headlines with zero activity? Elementor builder gives you the Animated Headline widget to create your audience’s attention. Customization of content elements such as text style, shape, loop, duration, link addition, rotation, etc., are there.

Blockquote: The blockquote widget allows you to embed fully styled quotes to share them on Twitter. You will have settings for the Tweet button, content, style, quote, etc., and everything that requires.

Code Highlight: Elementor has the Code Highlight widget to make the code examples copy easily. There are options for language, copy to clipboard, line highlights, word wrap, etc., and more.

Flip Box: The Flip Box widget lets you flip the container over hovering. You can customize the content, image, icon, shape, etc. precisely and individually inside the box.   

Popup: Popup Builder in Elementor is something special that Beaver Builder has not. You can customize popup conditions, positions, timing, styling, and everything you want.

Beaver Builder Special Features

Callout: Callout is an advanced feature of the Call to Action module. With the module, you can add an image or icon above, below, left, or right of the text within the button box. It’s an additional option to use.

Optin Form: The Optin form is a template of Beaver Builder that redirects audiences to an offer, discount, or promotion page. There is a field to input email so that a visitor can easily be sorted.

Post Carousel: Beaver Builder has the Post Carousel module that allows you to place posts or pages arranged with a carousel view. You can use images, text, or both to make the view more convincing.

Elementor VS Beaver Builder: Differences 

Despite some similarities and unique features, there are huge differences between Elementor and Beaver Builder. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

User Interface

The user interface is so important to create beautiful websites with better navigation and ease of customization. Elementor and Beaver Builder both are pretty impressive with UI and UX. The drag & drop page building makes everything pain-free with a friendly and intuitive interface.


The interface of Elementor is decorated with a live preview and a sidebar on the left. The sidebar contains all the design elements for adding widgets, customization of columns & sections, etc. You can hide the sidebar using the toggle button for a full-width preview. Elementor also has right-click support on widgets to use more options such as copy and paste content or styles. It has Inline Text Editing to directly add, change, or modify text on the page.

Elementor User Interface

Beaver Builder

The Beaver Builder interface has a sidebar containing design elements on the right and a preview pane on the left. No toggle button or right-click option is not present. In addition, no Inline Text Editing is present, so you need to change or modify texts from the sidebar.

Beaver Builder User Interface

Winner: Elementor


Modules are design elements to add content such as text, buttons, video, images, etc., to web pages. Both builders have a good number of modules to enrich websites.

Note: Elementor mentions modules as widgets.


Elementor has 100 Widgets with different content and elements. You can just drag & drop and then customize them with contents.

Elementor Widgets list

Beaver Builder

On the other hand, Beaver Builder has 33 Modules to design pages or posts as you need. 

Beaver Builder Module list

Winner: Elementor

WordPress Widgets

Both Elementor and Beaver Builder support WordPress Widgets, but there is a slight variation in the number.

WordPress WidgetsElementorBeaver Builder
Navigation MenuYesYes
Recent CommentsYesYes
Recent PostsYesYes
Tag CloudYesYes
Custom HTMLYesNo

Winner: Elementor

Styling Options

Considering styling options, Elementor and Beaver Builder are quite different.


Elementor styling options are of three types: Typography, Color, and Advanced. Typography and Color styling are basic for customizing text and color of the content. The Advanced styling allows Motion effects, Custom Positioning, and Element-level CSS. The Element-level CSS allows you to add custom coding for specific widgets, not for the entire page. Further, the Inline Text Editing and builder-based customization amplify website styling as well.


Styling options for Beaver Builder are less convincing than Elementor. All the core design elements are present in the sidebar for section design. You will not have the right-click option, Motion Effects, Custom Positioning, or Custom CSS for Modules. But, you will have design flexibility for rows, columns, and modules.

Winner: Elementor

Theme Builder

Theme Builder allows you to create and customize Header & Footer, Pages & Posts, 404 page, etc., and add conditions where to show.


Elementor has a built-in Theme Builder, and no need to purchase it separately.


Beaver Builder has a Themer Addon, which acts precisely like a theme builder but is not built-in. So, you need to spend $147 additionally for it. But Beaver Builder gives it free with the Ultimate pricing plan only.

Winner: Elementor

Popup Builder

A Popup is often necessary for promotions, offers, hot deals, etc. 


Elementor has an inbuilt Popup Builder that you can use without the help of custom coding. It has an advanced variety of categories, designs, and presentations. And you can determine popup position, triggering, and advanced customization besides drag and drop building.


Beaver Builder does not have a built-in Popup Builder. Instead, you need to purchase a third-party plugin, ‘PowerPack Beaver Addons’ which will cost $52 per year. Or, you can use Custom CSS for that.

Winner: Elementor


Building websites from scratch is time-consuming and could be done fast using premade templates. All you need to do is choose the right template for your website.


You will have 100+ full website templates with Elementor to design the entire website. Also, you will have 156+ single-page templates for designing pages. Moreover, there are 394+ Blocks (Section templates) with the builder to design sections promptly.


On the other hand, Beaver Builder has 29+ single Landing page layouts and 38+ groups of Content Page templates.

Winner: Elementor


Both plugins are coded clean to create responsive websites for any device. So, there is no mentionable difference between any of the builders we are talking about. Both have customization options, Breadcrumbs, and dimensions of breakpoints for individual devices. And you can hide specific content for the specific device as well.  

Winner: Tie


Both Elementor and Beaver Builder have good performance in website speed. However, there could be some differences as one is filled with features and another is targeted for lightweight websites. We are using Google Page Insight for this. The results are as below;


The performance data mentioned below is for Desktop, and it’s almost the same for mobile.

PerformanceTime to interactiveSpeed IndexTotal Blocking TimeFirst Contentful PaintLargest Contentful PaintCumulative Layout Shift
Elementor Google Page Insight

Beaver Builder

The performance data mentioned below is for Desktop, and it’s almost the same for mobile.

PerformanceTime to interactiveSpeed IndexTotal Blocking TimeFirst Contentful PaintLargest Contentful PaintCumulative Layout Shift
990.3 s1.3 s0 ms0.3 s0.3 s0
Beaver Builder Google Page Insight

Elementor VS Beaver Builder: Free Version Comparison

Both builders have free versions to try before purchasing the premium ones. The comparison table shows what you will have.

SubjectElementor Free VersionBeaver Builder Free Version
Custom ModuleNoYes
WordPress Widgets1911
Templates163 Landing Page Templates, 8 Content Page Templates
ThemeHello ThemeNo
Gutenberg SupportNeed Elementor BlocksYes

However, you can read our article on beaver builder free vs pro to get more information.

Winner: Elementor


Enough resources will be seen when you are looking for help from any of the builder plugins.


Elementor has the Knowledge Base by the name ‘Elementor Academy’, where you will have a huge source of documentation. From cloud websites to Elementor plugins or features to troubleshooting, everything is available there. All you need to do is look for the solution you require on their Knowledge Base and get everything in detail.


As for the Beaver Builder, they provide documentation under the name ‘Beaver Builder Knowledge Base. Everything is in here, from pre-sales to frequently asked questions or developer guides to integration. Furthermore, you will have documentation individually for Beaver Builder Plugin, Beaver Themer Addon, and Beaver Builder Theme.


Support is one of the important parts of a renowned page builder. Any user, even developer, may need support while working on website building or further customization.


Elementor has 24/7 support for Premium and VIP users. In addition, you will have chat rooms for direct communication. Unfortunately, you will not have official support for the free version, but wordpress.org has it open.


Beaver Builder also has premium support for you to get help within 24 hours, except for the weekends and US holidays. It does not offer support for free users.


Purchasing a builder is the beginning of the use of a tool for building websites and developers provide further improvements to enrich the plugin.

Elementor provides time-to-time updates and you need to follow instructions before using them.

Beaver Builder also provides regular updates, and same as Elementor.


Elementor and Beaver Builder are both plugins that are quite popular with WordPress users. This will be difficult to sort one more popular over another.


Elementor is popular for its design elements such as premade templates, Custom CSS for modules, Popup Builder, WooCommerce support, etc. Also, it has a large number of third-party plugin support and integrations.


Beaver Builder is popular for its sleek and flexible design with fast-loading websites. Third-party plugin support is available but less than Elementor.

Pricing Plan

Quite different pricing plans are seen for Elementor and Beaver Builder. They are;

Elementor Pricing Plans

Pricing PlansAgencyStudioExpertAdvancedEssential
Price$999/year$299/1st year,$499/yearly renewal$199/year$99/year$49/year
No. of Websites10001002531
FeaturesAll pro featuresAll pro featuresAll pro featuresAll pro featuresAll pro features
SupportVIP. Live Chat up to 5 membersVIP. Live Chat up to 5 membersPremium. Up to 1 day response time for 1 memberPremium. Up to 1 day response time for 1 memberPremium. Up to 1 day response time for 1 member
Experts Network ProfileYesYesYesNoNo
Website KitsFullFullFullLimitedLimited

Beaver Builder Pricing Plans

Pricing PlansUltimateAgencyProStandard
Unlimited SitesYesYesYesYes
Support1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
Premium Modules & TemplatesYesYesYesYes
Beaver Builder ThemeYesYesYesNo
Multisite Network SettingsYesYesMultisite CapableNo
Third-party addon supportYesYesYesNo
White LabelingYesYesNoNo
Beaver Themer AddonYesNoNoNo
Assistant Pro (6 months free)YesNoNoNo

Advantages of Using

Elementor and Beaver Builder have some significant advantages that make them renowned builder plugins today. Here are the mentionable ones.

Elementor Pros

  • Easy to use and no coding knowledge required
  • The functionality has both basic and advanced features
  • Popup Builder and Inline editing are in-built.
  • A large template library including starter, blocks, and single-page layout 
  • Good integration with third-party plugins
  • Highly responsible for Desktops, Tabs, and Mobiles.

Beaver Builder Pros

  • Lightweight, performance-oriented, fast, and stable.
  • Free of bugs and glitches
  • Boat-free and streamlined with necessary features.
  • White Labeling
  • Unlimited website building
  • A 40% discount on renewal
  • Website designs remain intact if the pro version is installed over the free version.

Disadvantages of Using

A few disadvantages are visible in both builder plugins. They are;

Elementor Cons

  • Heavily loaded with features, the site speed may hamper a bit compared to other fast builders.
  • Sometimes large update packs create glitches. Rolling back to the previous version can help to tackle the situation.
  • The number of website creations is limited according to pricing plans. No unlimited website creation is available.
  • Renewal discount is only available for the first year.

Beaver Builder Cons

  • Templates are less in count compared to Elementor.
  • Right-click is not supported. All the options are with the design element sidebar.
  • Price is high if it’s used for a single website.

Final Verdict 

To conclude, sorting out the better one evaluating Elementor vs Beaver Builder is quite puzzling. Elementor provides more features and advantages in both free and pro versions. Also, it provides some special features that are not available in Beaver. Well, Beaver Builder also has some qualities that are useful for beginners and developers at the same time. 

So, if you want to build a website using lots of design elements, advanced features, and great visuals, Elementor should be the one for you. And, if you need to create websites with clear visuals with sleek and lightweight designs, Beaver Builder is the one you should choose.


Which is better: Elementor or Beaver?

Elementor is enriched with features, layouts, and page components. It also has an appealing UI, operates well, and is reasonably priced for the amount of power it delivers. Beaver Builder, on the other hand, is faster to use and load menus, but the interface isn’t as appealing to work with. The side menu also loads the entire contents at once, rather than needing to scroll to find an element as you do with Elementor. So, both are good with their specialties.

Does Beaver Builder work with any theme?

Yes. Beaver Builder works fine with any theme. And, it works best with the Beaver Theme for sure.

How to add Beaver Builder to WordPress?

Purchase a premium plan from the Beaver Builder official website first. Download the builder and go to WordPress dashboard>Plugins>Add New. Browse the zip file and click the Install button right beside it. You need to activate the plugin before use, so go to Settings > Beaver Builder, then click the License tab. Follow the instructions and use your license number from the ‘My Account page.’ Then activate it and enjoy using it.

How much does Beaver Builder cost?

Beaver Builder has different pricing plans. The cost starts at $99 and ends up at $546 for different packs. Plus, if you want to add the ‘Beaver Themer Addon,’ you need to pay $147 additionally for a pack except for the Ultimate pricing plan as it is built-in.

Can you use Beaver Builder and Elementor on the same site?

Yes. You can use Beaver Builder and Elementor on the same site but not on the same Custom Post Types. Suppose you use Elementor for landing pages, then you can use Beaver Builder for Blog pages or any other except for the landing pages.

Is Elementor theme builder free?

Elementor Theme Builder is not free. However, it is a pro feature that you need to purchase.

What is an Elementor theme builder?

Elementor Theme Builder is the customizing option for Header & Footer, Global Pages & Posts, WooCommerce Products & Archives, and Global Archives. You can organize them, add or remove design elements, and apply conditions to show or hide them for a specific page or post.

Is Elementor the best page builder?

Elementor is one of the top page builders available in the marketplace today. But, is it the best? Well, this depends on user necessity and whether it can provide everything a user may need. So, Elementor could be the best page builder for an individual but may not be the same for everyone who is using WordPress.

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