Astra Theme Review: Features, Pros, Cons, and More

Astra Theme Review

Astra Theme

Astra is one of the feature-riched and speed-focused WordPress themes that comes in both free and pro versions.

Our Score

What I like about Astra 

  • 240+ demo website layout
  • Powerful Header & Footer builder
  • Supports popular page builders
  • WooCommerce supported
  • 24/7 customer support

What I dislike about Astra

  • Free version has less functionalities
  • Limited features for single pages and posts

Being a website designer, you must’ve faced limitations with theme features and functionalities. Well, I was at your position a few years back. Couldn’t select the ideal theme that can serve me the best.

Several matters caught my attention such as theme appearance, customization, flexibility, and more. Finally, I had relief from theme-hunting as I got everything packed with Astra.

So, you wanna know that sweet experience? You may find it the same as mine or not. Whatever, be with me, in this Astra theme review for your best decision.

Is Astra Theme Built For You?

It’s a question roaming around your head now, right? 

Yes, Astra Theme will be a wise choice If you are a Blogger, Digital Entrepreneur, or WooCommerce owner. However, anyone can build websites quite conveniently with Astra for its easy customizing process. 

Astra Theme Features

Astra Theme brings all the necessary features and some additional ones for you compared to most other themes.

Let’s start Astra theme review with a glance of the features. 

Features List
Global Features Typography
Google local fonts
Scroll To Top 
Block Editor
Custom Layouts
Custom Fonts
Adobe Fonts
Custom CSS
White Label
Header Elements Account
3 Buttons
3 Dividers
Language Switcher
Site Title & Logo
Menu (Primary, Secondary, Menu 3)
Toggle Button (Off Canvas Menu)
4 Widgets
Sticky Header
Transparent Header
Custom Header
Mega Menu
Footer Elements 2 Buttons
Copyright Element
3 Dividers
Language Switcher
Footer Menu
6 Widgets
Sidebar 3 Layout Types
Sidebar Width
Custom Sidebar
Archive Page Customization 5 Layout types
4 Sidebar Layout
Container Width
Post Structure
Post Content
Single Page & Post Customization 5 Layout types
4 Sidebar Layout
Content Width
Post Structure
Related Posts
Widgets 6 Header Widgets
4 Footer Widgets
WooCommerce 5 Layout types
4 Sidebar Layout
Product Catalog
Quick View
Single Product View
Off-Canvas Sidebar
Checkout Form
Store Notice
Third-party Plugin Integration LearnDash Integration
LifterLMS Integration
Easy Digital Downloads
WPML plugin Integration
Starter Templates240+


The features I have mentioned above have few differences between Astra free and pro version.

So far we had a quick look at Astra features, let’s have a brief on them.

General Features

Some features are applicable for the entire website that Astra sorted as global customization. These are the general features that you get in one location. 


Astra offers great typography features including 6 presets to apply for the whole website. Besides, you can individually choose font, change weight & size, set spacing between lines, and other customizations for heading and body texts. Also, you can add Google fonts, Adobe fonts, and custom fonts into your library for improved visual appearance.

Astra Theme Typography


With the Astra theme, you have 3 color presets to use for your website. You can change colors individually for background, heading, accent, border, links, and others through Astra Colors customization.

Color Customization of Astra Theme


The container option of Astra is compact with layouts and width. You can choose site layout styles and post container layout styles individually. Also, you can set container width using pixel value.

Container Customization in Astra


You will have 3 button presets in 2 different styles and choose colors for button text, background, and border individually. Also, you can change button size and shape according to your website visual enhancements.

Button Customization in Astra

Scroll To Top Button

You can add a Scroll To Top button for your website so that visitors can reach to the top in one click. More editing facilities such as button position, size, shape, color, and visibility for devices are easy for a user.  

Block Editor

You can set the gap between blocks on the Gutenberg block editor with Astra in 3 styles: Compact, Comfort, and Custom with the Block Editor. The Custom spacing option allows you to set the distance between blocks using values to match your website vibe.

You can add interactive Breadcrumb navigation for your website with Astra. Also, further customization of color, spacing, alignment, and more allows you to improve the visuals. And, you can show or hide this Breadcrumb for a specific page or post. 

Breadcrumbs in Astra

Custom Layouts

You can create custom layouts and use them in the website through the Hooks option in Astra. The layouts are Gutenberg-based and compatible with any page builder. Also, you can set display conditions to show a layout for specific pages.

Header: Create a different header to replace the default one. You can set display conditions for individual pages, posts, or for the entire website.

Footer: The Custom Footer serves similarly as Custom Header. Only difference is, it is applicable for the footer area.

404 Page: You can design 404 Page through custom layout to replace the default 404 page for your website uniqueness.

Hooks: You have the option to integrate third party plugins such as Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, Mailchimp, etc. using the Custom Hooks of Astra.

Inside Post/Page Content: Placing custom layouts inside page or post content is simply amazing with Astra. Just create a layout and place that anywhere in the content area using location settings, display conditions, etc.

Custom Layout Options in Astra

White Label

Make your website authentic with the Astra White Label addon. You can hide the theme and plugin names and use your brand name instead.

Header Builder

Astra provides enhanced design possibilities through elements, features, and lots of customization for the Header builder. Various elements, along with duplicating some of those lets you make the header interactive. 

You have 3 headers: Primary, Above, and Below. So, insert and organize elements aesthetically in those. Each header has individual settings for column distribution, row height, row color, etc. and more.

Also, you can add an Off Canvas Menu, similar to the mobile menu for desktop with the header.  

Furthermore, Astra allows you to create multiple conditional headers to use for specific pages or posts. 

Header Builder in Astra

Astra allows you to make the header sticky so that it does not hide on scrolling. Also, you can enable transparency and shrinking effect for an appealing look.

Mega Menu

Creating a mega menu in Astra is quite simple. Just enable Nav Menu add-on and customize from WordPress Menus. You have lots of options to organize the mega menu and establish interactive navigation.

Astra Mega Menu

The Footer Builder of Astra is pretty flexible with elements and customization. Some of the elements can be duplicated and some are multiple by default. You can use custom content shortcodes to add something through HTML in the footer area.

Also, you can create Gutenberg-based multiple conditional footers and use that for specific pages and posts.

Footer Builder in Astra

Astra gives you convenient sidebar customization without much effort. Just create the sidebar from the WordPress Widgets and place that on the right or left of the content area. Moreover, you can adjust width and design the sidebar elements as you want.

Also, you can create conditional sidebar layouts and use them for specific pages or posts.

Sidebar in Astra

Archive Page Customization

You will have enhanced customization facilities with 5 layout styles for Archive pages. Also, you have 3 layout styles for the blog post cards with further customizations. You can add Post Meta and organize each element by dragging up or down.

Additionally, you have pagination styles for Archive pages for easy navigation to the next page or previous. Or, you can choose infinite scrolling to view all the content in one page.

Archive Page Customization in Astra

Single Page & Post Customization

You have 5 layout styles and sidebar positioning options for both single pages & posts for improved site visibility. More customization options are individually for single posts such as organizing post meta, adding author info, show/hide related posts, and more.

Single Page & Post Customization in Astra


Except for the basic Widgets of Header and Footer, Astra comes with 10 additional Widgets for enhanced design opportunities. You can use them similar to the default Widgets but in a better way. Using these, you can add third-party materials such as social icons, advanced search, etc. for improved visual appearance.


WooCommerce features of Astra are amazing to build engaging e-commerce websites almost instantly. The layout types for the site and sidebar are commonly the same so that the entire website looks the same. More options are available with Astra to create shopper-friendly e-shops.

Product Catalog

You can organize all the products for your online store intuitively. Set the number of products you want to display in one page or add post meta for products, all are convenient and organized in one place. Moreover, you can display more options such as page title, breadcrumb, accordion, and more.

Also, the pagination options are quite fashionable and have infinite scrolling so that shoppers do not need to wait for the next page loading.

WooCommerce Product Catelog in Astra

Quick View

Adding the Quick View option with the products helps shoppers to see product details directly from the archive page. Customers can add products to their cart from here as well. You can trigger the quick view option in three different ways: On Image, On Image Click, and On Summary.

Product Quick View in Astra

Single Product View

Show every product of your online shop more alluring with lots of customization so that customers can have all the necessary information. You can add category, gallery, rating, description, product variation, and a lot more options. Moreover, the sticky Add To Cart button gives convenience to visitors to easily add a product to their cart.   

Single Product View in Astra

Off-Canvas Sidebar

This Off-Canvas Sidebar feature assists visitors in quickly finding the products they seek. It is another WooCommerce feature that allows you to add filters and widgets such as price, size, and other categories. 

Checkout Form

The Checkout Form of Astra is organized with required fields of customer information and billing information. Also, you will have enough flexibility to show/hide options according to your need.

Astra Checkout Form

Store Notice

You can add notice for your customers in an eye-catching way with Astra. You have three positions to view store notices for the entire website: hang over the header. top of the header, or bottom of the site.

Store Notice in Astra

Third-party Plugin Integration

Astra has easy integration for several third-party plugins to enhance your website credibility. Let’s have a brief overview of them.

LMS Integration

Building eLearning websites by design and development is quite convenient with Astra. It has learning management system integration with LearnDash, LifterLMS, and more plugins. Just install any of the plugins and organize online courses, student profiles, membership, etc. systematically.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads integration with Astra allows you to build an EDD store to sell digital products through your website. It’s a platform quite renowned to sell SAAS products, eBooks, WordPress plugins using eShops. You can customize the EDD store visuals by color, background, typography, and more.

WPML plugin Integration

You can add a translation facility into your website so that people from different countries can read through that. Astra has WPML plugin integration such as Polylang, TranslatePress, etc. for you to add the feature easily.

Starter Templates

Astra gives you lots of starter templates based on renowned page builders. Also, you can select your desired templates following the categories. 

Page BuilderStarter Templates
WordPress Block Editor100+
Beaver Builder116+
Starter Templates of Astra

See What Real Users Think About Astra

So far we have gone with the Astra theme features. Let’s see what people say about it.

Real Reviews of Astra


Astra has premium quality support for all users. Drop your query and get help fast. 


Astra documentation is organized in different categories and explained thoroughly. Anyone can have an idea about theme features and functionalities conveniently.

Pricing Plan Comparison

Reviewing the Astra theme pricing is more fun due to it’s three different pricing plana with two distinct time periods. There are huge variations with the additional addons, plugins, builder, and other products based on the plan type.

Astra ProEssential BundleGrowth Bundle
Yearly Cost$59$169$174
Lifetime Cost$299$849$1249
All Astra Theme FeaturesYesYesYes
Customer SupportYesYesYes
Website UsageUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Extensive TrainingYesYesYes including SkillJet Academy courses
Money-Back Guarantee14-days14-days14-days
Starter TemplatesNo240+240+
WP Portfolio PluginNoYesYes
Ultimate AddonsNoFor Elementor or Beaver BuilderFor Elementor and Beaver Builder
Convert Pro PluginNoNoYes
Schema Pro PluginNoNoYes
Spectra ProNoNoYes
All Future ProductsNoNoYes

Best Alternative to Astra Theme

Blocksy Theme

Blocksy is another WordPress theme with lots of features and customization in both free and pro versions to build fast-loading websites in minutes.

Our Score


  • Powerful Header & Footer builder
  • Built-in Newsletter form
  • Built-in product review schema
  • Mega Menu & Popup features
  • Custom Hook elements


  • Few starter templates 

Why Should You Choose Astra Over Other Themes?

Spending over 8 months on Astra I have found this one quite reasonable to use for any website. The most impressive part is the huge number of starter templates for all niches. The starter templates help me to build websites at a super speed. So, if you want to design websites with amazing visuals, better than a regular website, I suppose you should go with Astra.

Hope this article helps you to make the right decision. However, let me know in the comment box if you want more content like Astra theme review. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. 


What is Astra Theme?

Astra is a multipurpose WordPress theme built with amazing design flexibilities. It has advanced features with great customizations to build fast-loading and SEO friendly websites within minutes. Read the Astra theme review to learn more about my thoughts on the theme’s features, benefits, drawbacks, cost, and other factors.

Is Astra theme free?

Yes, Astra is a free theme and no need to pay a cent to use it. However, it has a pro version that comes as Astra Pro Addon that adds more features and functionalities to the theme.

Does Astra theme support Elementor?

Yes, Astra theme has good support for Elementor. Also, it has a maximum number of starter templates based on Elementor so these two have a better collaboration.

Is Astra theme good for SEO?

Yes, Astra theme is surely good for SEO. It has Schema Markup, Open Graph data, Breadcrumbs, etc. for better rank in search engine results.

Do I need a page builder with Astra?

It is not mandatory to use a page builder with Astra cause it is Gutenberg-based and rich with enough demo website layouts. However, if you want to use any builder, Astra has good support with renowned page builders such as Elementor, Beaver, Brizy, etc.

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