Acabado Theme Review: Create a stupid fast website

acabado theme review

Acabado theme is renowned for building fast-loading blogging websites, invented by Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer of Income School. Portuguese word ‘Acabado’ means ‘Finished’ and they call it “Stupid Fast”.  

There are many things to take care of, such as UX & UI, Builder Compatibility, etc. while building a theme. But, without quick loading, a website can never be an example of superiority. So, they organized the theme focusing on the speed.

Today, with this Acabado Theme review, we will try to bring a detailed breakdown of all the features and considerations that help you make the right decision. 

So, what’s inside Acabado? Let’s start with our evaluation rating and theme key takeaways, shall we?

Acabado Scoring

Overall – 4.5

  • Features – 4
  • Ease of Use – 5
  • Value for Money – 4.8
  • Performance – 5
  • Design – 4

Key Takeaways

  • Super Fast
  • Easy Setup
  • Clean and organized design
  • Built-in Schema markup
  • Auto-generated XML Sitemap

Acabado Theme Pros

  • Superfast even with ads
  • Google Page-Speed Insight score 95+
  • Unique Homepage Customization
  • Sleek and minimal design
  • Built-in Schema for book, product, video & recipes
  • Easy Google Analytics integration
  • Anti Bounce Protection
  • Easy to set up
  • Best for blog websites
  • Highly mobile responsive

Acabado Theme Cons

  • Limited Customizing facility
  • No additional CSS for theme Customizer
  • Custom JS for Header and Footer only
  • No child theme
  • Widget area in the Sidebar only
  • No starter template
  • Not Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Fixed dimension for media files
  • No free version

Acabado Theme Review: Properties

Creating a blogging site that publish reviews, tutorials, and informative articles, Acabado would be the perfect choice because of its convenience in use. Clean and easy navigation assists new bloggers in doing more than typical designs.

Here we bring you the core of Acabado theme review at a glance.

Theme InstallationDownload and install to WordPress
Homepage DesignA combination of static & recent post
Monetized Post TilesShow 2 to 6 post tiles in the Homepage
ResponsivenessHighly responsive for mobile device 
Builder compatibilityDivi and Elementor
Gutenberg SupportYes
Website FocusBlog sites
Built-in PluginsGoogle Fonts Typography
Lazy Load for Videos
One Click Demo Import
Short Pixel Image Optimizer
Other Plugin SupportUltimate Category Excluder
ManageWP Worker
GDPR Cookie Consent
Social Warfare
W3 Total Cache
Q2W3 Fixed Widget
WPForms Lite
Really Simple SSL and more
Fixed Media Dimensions for Logo: 480X240 to 480 Pixel (adjustable height)
Favicon: 40X40 Pixels (JPEG or PNG)
Featured Image: 1200X800 Pixels
Hero Image: 1200X400 Pixels
Sidebar Ad: 332X300 Pixels
Hidden Pinterest ImageOnly visible when a post is shared on Pinterest
Menu NavigationEnable menu navigation without the hamburger icon for Desktop
Anti Bounce ProtectionShow related article while a visitor takes action to leave sites  
Comment SectionEnable/Disable visitors comments 
Custom CSSYes 
Custom Java ScriptFor Header & Footer only
Color CustomizationUsable for all design elements
Built-in SEOGoogle Analytics: Integrated
XML Sitemap: Auto-generated XML Sitemap
Built-in Schema forBook Reviews
Product Reviews
Video Reviews
Sitemap Acabado generates siltemap Automatically 
Post Sharing on Social MediaAdd dynamically below every post

Installation Process of Acabado

Acabado theme has paid version only. Purchase the theme from Income School website, download, and go to WordPress Dashboard>Themes>Add New. Browse the downloaded file, install, and activate it.

Acabado Theme Review: Features that makes it special

As we have already acknowledged lot of overwhelming features comes with Acabado theme, now let’s have details explanation on some vital ones.

Ease of Use

Customize Acabado theme is super fun and you can build an affiliate or blogging site with less effort. Also, the theme dashboard has an easy-to-understand feature hierarchy. Besides the Acabado theme review, we have another article that will help you to configure and customize the theme from scratch.

Unique & Organized Design

Acabado gives you a clean and organized website design with posts in front. You will have a default homepage design with pretty basic content elements. The Homepage will be auto generated with the default layout when you create a slug named ‘Home’. You can customize the content elements later.

Acabado theme home page design

Monetized Post Tiles

You can add 2 to 6 posts under tiles layout on the Homepage below the Hero Image. Acabado will automatically resize the tiles with equal dimension for an organized look. You can select images, add titles, links, etc. to highlight posts. Also, you can add your YouTube channel or any other links necessary.

Mobile Responsiveness

Nowadays, 65% or more visitors stay active with handy smartphones or tablets. The Acabado theme is an ideal choice for those conscious of mobile responsiveness.

Builder compatibility

Acabado is a unique theme built focusing on Divi and Elementor page builders. So, it is compatible with them beautifully. By the way, it does not require any page builder as the theme has everything you need to organize your blog site.

Gutenberg optimized 

Acabado is customizable with Gutenberg Block Editor. Just spend a few minutes redesigning your website, and it is good to go. 

Built-in Plugins

Acabado gives you some built-in plugins for easy customization and they are;

  • Google Fonts Typography: Use and customize Google fonts for the entire website and apply colors as necessary.
  • Lazy Load for Videos: Lets you use clickable images to play embedded Youtube and Vimeo videos without auto play. Auto play video or motion graphics hampers page speed.
  • One Click Demo Import: Import the basic layouts of Acabado including posts, pages, header, footer, etc. with just a click. Posts created before will remain unchanged.
  • Short Pixel Image Optimizer: This third party plugin is integrated to Acabado. You can minify image size keeping its quality with Short Pixel.

Other Plugin Support

Except for the built-in ones, there are more other plugins that Acabado supports. You can use them if necessary. Well, Income School suggests not to use any additional plugin as they may not work properly. Supported plugins are;

  • Ultimate Category Excluder
  • ManageWP Worker
  • GDPR Cookie Consent
  • Social Warfare
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget
  • WPForms Lite
  • Really Simple SSL and more

Fixed Media Dimensions

Acabado limits image and video file dimensions to keep page speed unharmed. Specifications are as below;

  • Site Logo: The site logo dimension should be 480X240 to 480 px (adjustable height). You can use a JPEG or PNG format file.
  • Favicon: Other themes call it the Site Identity, Acabado calls it ‘Favicon’. This icon dimension should be fixed 40X40 pixels. Literally, you do not need a bigger image for the site identity, do you?
  • Featured Image: Use blog post featured image with the fixed dimension of 1200X800 px.
  • Hero Image: You need to use a fixed 1200X400 px image for the Hero Image.
  • Sidebar Ad: The sidebar ad dimension is fixed 332X300 px.

Hidden Pinterest Image

When you create a post with Acabado, you can add a different featured image for Pinterest. Hidden Pinterest Image feature helps to hide the featured image for the website but when you share the post to Pinterest, it will be visible in full-length. 

Menu Navigation

Acabado has the default & basic menu style, Hamburger for both Desktop and Mobile. However, you can use the navigation menu without the Hamburger icon for Desktop.

Acabado Primary menu

Anti Bounce Protection

Reduce bounce rate by suggesting a relevant content to visitors while they take any actions to  leave your site. Use the content name, CTA button, and link to engage them before going back.

Acabado anti bounce protection

Disable Visitors Comments

Comments may not be always expecting unless you need them. So, you can turn off comments for visitors to avoid extra load for your website.

Custom CSS and Custom Java Script

Add Custom CSS code and Custom Java Script in Acabado Settings. This feature is not available in the theme customization area. This could be a drawback for the theme but not a problem for basic blogging sites. Custom JS is applicable for Header & Footer only.

Color Customization

The Color Customization of Acabado is quite sufficient according to design elements. You can choose colors from pallets or HEX codes for font, background, button, hover, etc.

Built-in SEO

Acabado gives you an organized space for Site Title, Site Description, and Google Analytics integration. Copy the GA tracking code and paste that to the dedicated place for the basic SEO optimization. However, for SEO professionals, Acabado won’t be enough to reach the desired result. So, there is always room for third-party SEO plugins that could be more effective in the long run.

Acabado SEO setting

Custom Post Type

Acabado theme brings some of the exclusive CPT (Custom Post Type) for you. Such as the book, product, video, and recipes review. These CPTs help you provide ratings while uploading products, videos, or recipes.

Built-in Schema

A mentionable thing within the Acabado Theme review is the built-in schema markup feature. When you create CPTs for  book reviews, product reviews, recipes, and video reviews, Acabado creates schema markup automatically. No need to use a 3rd-party plugin.

Built-in Schema in Acabado theme

Display meta on posts

Meta description of any post contains the core things of content that are reflected in a few words. Usually, this section is not visible with the content, but it is here at Acabado. Therefore, show the meta of any post and enhance CTR.  

Sitemap Generator

Acabado comes with an automatic sitemap generator feature for your website. This is quite an amazing assistance that helps Google understand the site structure precisely. So, you don’t have to take help from any other trid-party tools. 

Post Sharing on Social Media 

Add social media icons with links dynamically below each post with Acabado. Visitors can directly share a post to social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tweeter, etc. You can use a third-party plugin as well if you need to.

All the Technical Features at a glance 

The fastest theme, Acabado, is also enriched with lots of features so that you can make good use of them. Custom CSS & JS, popups, comment enabled, ads spaces, and more are mentioned. Below are some of the core features, but there are more to go.

  • Google Analytics code placement
  • Organization schema
  • Display entry meta on posts
  • Homepage featured tiles
  • Homepage hero image with a button
  • Homepage category excluder
  • XML sitemap and HTML sitemap feed
  • Custom CSS
  • Sitewide post comments enable/disable
  • Anti-bounce protection
  • Adding a logo
  • Adding a favicon
  • Adding custom JavaScript
  • Custom heading, text, link, and button colors
  • Choosing between full menu or hamburger menu on desktop
  • Custom footer
  • Custom menu label
  • Post schema
  • Featured images on posts enable/disable
  • Hidden Pinterest Images
  • Social media buttons (selection from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, email, print)


Acabado does not have the luxury of support for technical issues. Well, you can report them about bugs and request for more feature through their form. As for the billing issues, they offer one-to-one email support.


You will have sufficient documentation from Acabado organized by categories. Also, they offer troubleshooting and frequently asked question asnsers at the same place.


Very simply pricing plans in two variation that Acabado offers. One is yearly that costs $67 with the same renewal amount. And, another is for a hundred years costing $179 without any renewal required.

Acbado theme Price

Hey, just to educate you, check our article comparing the Divi and Enfold theme to find out the one that can be a better choice over Acabado.     

Refund policy 

Try Acabado Theme for 30 days after purchasing, and if you are not satisfied, no worries. Income School offers a money-back guarantee within the time period, and no question will be asked. Well, that doesn’t mean that you will have limited access. Not at all. You will access all the tutorials, FAQs support, account issues, bugs reporting, and billing. Also, the refund policy and requests for that are accessible.

Who Should Avoid Acabado Theme

Up until now we have discussed the reasons of using Acabado. But, this one is not an ideal choice for all category websites as it is targetted only at blogging. So, if your website is based on product, business, or any other niche that requires eye-catchy designs, you should try Divi, Hestia, Neve, Kadence, etc. The speed may not be superlative but serves your purpose quite good.

Final Verdict

In the end of the Acabado Theme review, I would say it is quite amazing theme to create a website. I have been using Acabado quite a while and created several websites with it. You may think the price is a little higher in consideration to features and functionalities. But, I think it is alright when you think about creating a super fast site.

Ohh yeah, don’t forget to leave your precious comment below and share your experience on using Acabado.  


Is Acabdo a blogging theme?

Ans: Yes, the Acabado theme is a blog-based theme that comes with effortless customization. It is fast enough to beat most of the WordPress themes available today and has a front-row position while considering the loading speed. 

Is it worth buying the Acabado WordPress theme?

Ans: As a matter of fact, the Acabado WordPress theme is worth buying for speed only. The theme is super fast, created for blog websites, and targeted to achieve a maximum score on Google Page Speed Insight. In some cases, websites built with Acabado can achieve a better score when no additional customization, styling, images, videos, etc. are present. It is good for affiliate marketing and has a license option to offer for a hundred years. 

Does Acabado Theme have a pre-made template?

Ans: No, the Acabado theme has no pre-made template or layout to save your initial effort in building a website. Literally, two or three basic templates that come with every theme are the only resources you get here as well. However, you still have the option to create your design as you require.

Can I download the Acabado theme for free?  

Ans: As a matter of fact, there is no option to download the Acabado theme for free. But, if you purchase the theme from the Income School, you will have a money-back guarantee for 30 days. So, you can try Acabado for a month and if it is not good enough for you, you can ask for a refund.

Why is Acabado Theme fast?

Ans: Acabado theme is fast, especially for its clean and easy navigation. Moreover, this theme is created with a sleek design, clean & organized codes, and in-build schema to keep the speed better. Well, if the website has images, GIFs, videos, articles, etc. at the same time, the speed may hamper.

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